Retractable Banners: A Necessity for Big Events & Announcements

Retractable banners are a quick and convenient way of promoting your products and services at trade shows and expos. Retractable banner stands are also durable enough to be reused at different events for at least five years.

Here are a few other ways to utilize this product for your marketing needs:

  • Create an image with several banners. Order more than one banner and place them side by side to form a unique background or impactful image. You could create several retractable banner designs on different products and have each be part of a bigger portion.
  • Reuse them in store or at your office. The pop up banner doesn’t have to collect dust after a convention. Display them again inside or outside your store to drive more traffic. Companies with service centers can display the banners in the area to welcome the customer.
  • Press customers on for a purchase. You can also create a new retractable banner design as a point of purchase signage for customers. The design can encourage customers to buy complementary products or to promote bundled services. Announce big discounts for a certain order to show them which food item goes best with your new drink.