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Mar 19 , 2019

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Create a Logo Design That's Just Right for Your Brand

A LOGO Is The Uniform Of Your Brand When you have one developed
1. make sure it matches your BRAND PERSONALITY...i.e FUN, FUTURISTIC, SERIOUS etc. And Make sure the font appeals to your DEMOGRAPHIC i.e KIDS, WOMEN, MEN. That you need a Branding expert....A graphic designer knows how to make it "look good", A brand expert knows how to make it "talk" to the right audience who will become a loyal customer.

LOGO-----------DESIGN----------FINAL PRODUCT


1.Company name 

2.Contact person 

3.Email address 

4.Phone or cell

5.Address H/W  [if you have]

6.Product line (Mafuta, Maputi, Dishwasher etc)