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What is a barcode?

A barcode, also known as a UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (European Article Number), is simply a unique 12 or 13 digit number that allows both online and offline retailers to identify and track sales of your product within their inventory system.


Do I need a barcode?

The use of barcode numbers is not compulsory. However, if you intend to sell your products with a retailer that uses the barcode system (such as Amazon), then yes, you will need a barcode. Barcodes also enables you to keep track of your stock.


What is an EAN number?

Originally, EAN stood for "European Article Number". It has since been re-named "International Article Number." It refers to the barcode system used outside of Canada and the United States. EANs and UPCs are essentially identical but EAN has 13 digits, UPC has 12.


Do I have to have a barcode in order to sell my product online?

If the retailer you want to sell your products on requests it, then yes you need a barcode.


What is the difference between EAN and UPC?

EAN numbers are 13 digits long (can be used anywhere) and UPC numbers are 12 digits long and are mainly used in the USA and Canada, however they can still be used throughout Europe and the rest of the world. If you buy from us, we will provide you with both versions (including the artwork).


Will my barcode work in every country?

Yes. Our barcodes will work in any country in the world that has a barcode system. Our barcodes are currently being used all over the world, which includs the UK and Europe, USA and Canada, Middle East and many countries in Asia (mainly India and China).

Services Overview


All orders for Barcode Numbers are sent via email. All orders are dispatched the same day that payment is received (most orders are sent almost instantly or within a few hours). The artwork provided with your order is sent as an email attachment- due to this fact, occasionally emails can be incorrectly identified as spam. So please remember to check your junk/spam email folder if your order has not been received.

Safety Equipment

We provide safety equipment for all the following industries: Mechanical, Army, Engineering, Chemical, Mining, Construction, Petrochemical, Safety Suppliers, Government, Manufacturing and Industrial organisations. We understand that these industries involve vigorous activity and only top of the edge equipment is suitable for these industries; that is why we only provide genuine and quality products.

Safety Clothing

From hard helmets to gumboots, overalls to boiler suits, safety gloves to safety shoes; we sell all types of ear, eye, hand, leg, toes and head protection clothing. The objective for any safety clothing is to protect. Sadly, most products on the market lack the sustainability and durability to withstand high resistance, tension, and stress. We, however, try by all means possible to offer genuine products only.