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Welcome to SafetyQuip:
where safety comes to you!

SAFETYQUIP INDUSTRIAL is strategically positioned to offer a comprehensive solution to individual and company needs based on our professional and technical expertise. The focus on SAFETYQUIP is to form partnerships with its customers and to provide the best safety solutions possible by adding value through service excellence and quality products.

Sir Obey Chingarande, the CEO of SAFETYQUIP INDUSTRIAL, states: "One cannot risk jeopardising the safety of people and valuable investments by not adhering to safety standards and regulations. At SAFETYQUIP we aim to provide high-risk industries with affordable solutions for their day to day safety needs".

SafetyQuip offers a unique combination of a fully stocked mobile safety shop backed by a trade safety shop for your convenience. At whatever intervals make sense, the safety products you need are available at your door with thousands more on instant call and delivered from our trade distribution warehouses. Ordering via our comprehensive web catalog is another convenient option.

We can make selecting, ordering and getting the right personal protective equipment and clothing easier, faster and provide you with better value.

We’re trained, available, local and reliable, yet we are also a fully resourced national group so there’s no downside in terms of range, price, and much needed technical advice and support.

Obey Chingarande

Why switch to SafetyQuip?

  • Total, one-stop workplace safety supply resource that comes to you.

  • The national network, local ownership, and relationship.

  • Range, advice, convenience, price.

  • Fast, reliable, mobile supply. Courier backup for urgent needs.

  • Focus on real issues like worker comfort, better productivity and providing gear your people prefer to use.

  • Delivering value – the “cheapest” gear can mean constant replacement and far greater expense over time.

  • Getting selection right (overprotection can do more harm than good).

  • Regular updates regarding new products with better performance/value.

SafetyQuip: Your One-Stop Safety Shop

- Huge range
- Top brands
- Reliable service